BBC Radio 4 gives us a grilling!

Steve is Interviewed for You and Yours!

Good news Twitter fans!  Our owner manager Steve of has been interviewed by BBC Radio 4′s Julian Worricker, on the show You and Your’s to air at Midday today.

Julian Worricker, formerly a presenter on BBC Radio 5, and BBC News 24 presided over the show which aimed to analyse the ethics and the practicalities of buying followers for various social media accounts.  The case was highlighted by Alexandra Wilson, a fitness instructor from London who bought followers from a competitor under the pretence that the followers provided were real.

The Sunday Times ran a story on 26th August bringing the practice to the headlines in the UK, and the programme will be delving deeper into how the followers are added, and why having the followers added is a good thing (in our opinion!)

The Sunday times wasn’t entirely complimentary, but we think it gave a good representation of Steve at his worst!

One of the sites that sells followers,, was set up two months ago by an unemployed former accountant operating from a house in Warrington, Cheshire. While there is nothing illegal about the business, the 28-year-old, who declined to give his name, admitted his activities were “a bit seedy and not a nice thing to be associated with”.
His website offers a range of packages from the “ideal beginner package” of 500 Twitter followers for £13, to a bulk special of 200,000 for £79. “Now it’s all set up, it only takes me about 10 to 15 minutes per order,” he said.“I just sit there in my underpants for 10 minutes a day.”

Steve refuses to be drawn on the issue of underpants!

The problem with many of the follower resellers, and perhaps the reason that we believe the practice is given a bad name, is the prevalence of those agencies that claim to sell real followers.  In our experience, this is simply impossible.  There are no short cuts in Social Media, twitter especially.  The goal for SME’s, Corporations and individuals remains to collect a targeted engaged following – and if your plan is to purchase followers explicitly to attempt to engage these bought followers then we urge you to rethink your strategy.

The benefit of the “Buy More Followers” websites is to work within one factor of twitter that is almost unqique to it, that the number of followers you have is an indicator of your social worth, your ability to influence and the underlying authority of your message.  If you have 1,000 engaged followers within your following of 11,000 (assuming 10,000 fake or inactive) the message that you transmit is more effective and carries more weight than if you had the 1,000 followers on their own.

Is this right?  Well at it’s base no it isn’t, but it does mirror real life.  The most popular child in the playground gains friends both because he is interesting, and because he is the most popular child in the playground.

Of course this is twitter, and many people disagree with our viewpoint, but we can be absolutely sure that out of all of the orders we have taken since our launch, we have issued only 2 refunds – both to people who were expecting real followers.  We explained the situation and gave a full and immediate refund to both.

If you want to listen to the show live you can tune into the You and Yours programme from 12:00 today, if you missed it you will be able to catch up here.

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