A comparison of the Twitter and Facebook providers

A comparison of the Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans providers

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Are you trying to decide whether or not you should buy Facebook fans? There is no denying the internet makes most anything possible. A blogger who is also a friend wrote a post about five sites that sells Twitter followers. By observing their stats, it is amazing to notice people from all around the world reading this same post so they can take advantage of this. I recall about two years ago when buying likes on DIg was a trend for webmasters. These webmasters charged clients enormous prices saying it was an essential part of the SEO techniques and these days, it is common. You will be surprised that purchasing social networking likes and fans is as easy as locating a dozen McDonald’s restaurants.

Popularity of Buying Likes

Due to the fame of social networking sites like Twitter,You Tube My Space, and YouTube, more webmasters and companies have been gravitated to carry out the unthinkable to give their Youtube channels and profiles boost in the search engines. Because it is necessary to manage your business presence, You must determine if you should get video likes from youtube, Twitter followers, or Facebook likes.

The Cost of Buying Likes and Fans

Finding a reseller website that sells likes, views, and followers that offers assorted packages is not difficult. It is possible to buy 500 Facebook fans for under $25 in most cases. The cost will differ among resellers. It relies on which reseller you decide to use. This is the reason I leave you these five social media reseller sites where you can safely purchase likes and fans securely and legally to optimiZe your campaigns.

The first site is called BuyLikes. You can buy their basic package of 1000 Facebook likes for $49.00. The next plan is 3000 likes for $129.99. The most expensive package is 5000 Facebook likes for $199.99(ridiculous if you ask me). You will usually get you order in 72 hours or less.

Another popular social media reseller site BuyFacebookLikes. They say they are a dependable supplier of fans an likes that are from real fans. They also allege to be the only reseller social media site that has real fans and likes. They have four packages starting at $28 for 500 Facebook fans. Other plans include 1000 fans for $53, 5000 for $195, and 50,000 for $1450( another ouch).

Next on the list is Fans Galore promising to bring you the fans you need for your campaign. You also get expedient outcomes because you get your order within four weeks. You can get a modest 500 fans for $34.99 or pay $1029.99 for 50,000 fans.

Social Media Combo offers you marketing sources at reasonable rates. In our opinion, they offer the best prices on fans and likes. We have not seen these prices at any other reseller site. You pay $21.44 for 500 fans and only $350 for 25000 likes.

Usocial is a reseller site that sells Twitter followers and Digg votes but you better get ready to spend. You will be paying almost $5000 for 100,000 fans.

Buying likes and followers is obviously a good option for building your social media campaigns since your rivals are doing the same. I have not bought any likes yet but plan to do so with a client who want their social media optimized. Is buying fans and likes the right path to take?

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